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Colorful Lights

Better Together.

About us 

Metro Unified Performing Arts is an educational organization focused on artistic expression, participant inclusion, leadership development, and community engagement. We have created educational experiences for students who have a passion for singing, dancing, theater, and the performing arts. Our measure of success is based on the personal growth of every child we teach, both in terms of artistic skills gained within our programs, but also the valuable skills of self-confidence, leadership, group collaboration, and appreciation of diverse perspectives. Metro Unified Performing Arts honors the uniqueness of each individual and embraces diverse backgrounds to build a strong community that prepares youth for lives in a multicultural society. We strive to create a supportive environment that welcomes all people regardless of race, beliefs, disability, or economic status. 


A collaboration of Dance Studios and Performing Arts companies looking to create opportunities and scholarships to young performers around the Metro Detroit area.

Studios involved 

To be announced soon.... 

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